Meeting the Family!

Oven Rescue with Trevor truly is a family business! Whilst it is myself (Trevor) that cleans your ovens, hobs, extractor fans and BBQs, I also have a little team that help me behind the scenes.

When you book through our Facebook page or when you see a social media post on any of the local village pages, that is the superb work of my lovely niece Sarah. She asks all the important questions in order to get everything booked in that you want for me to clean in your kitchen or garden. The more information she has the better equipped I am when I arrive to work my magic!

Sarah does all of this in amongst a variety of other things including a full time job, being a mummy to my gorgeous great nephew and training her working dogs. I’m very lucky that she still manages to find time to support me too!

Everything you see from Instagram posts, adverts, blogs and website related material is all created and managed by my talented daughter Kate. She loves getting hold of the photos I take before and after a clean, along with customer reviews and any other oven related bits and pieces and turns them into social media masterpieces.

Despite running her own tutoring business, Kate’s Class, she still manages to create all this great content for me too! I go along and support Kate in all of her endeavours which include competing her horse Olympic Princess in One Day Events; if you ever see us at one of these events please come and say hello!

Finally, there is me, who some of you already know! I am Trevor and I do all of the scrubbing, scraping and polishing to get your oven squeaky clean and back to it’s former glory! I love what I do, meeting new people and the satisfaction of returning an oven to new.

When I’m not cleaning ovens I enjoy walking our dogs, fishing in the local canal or down on the coast as well as working in the garden on a very successful vegetable plot!

I love working with my family and appreciate all the hard work they put in to ensure that Oven Rescue with Trevor works efficiently, reliably and showcases all the fantastic work we achieve as a team!